writing and revising

Progress has boomed over the last few months, my Novella has turned into a shorter novel. I’m shooting for a 60,000 + manuscript. The story has changed so much and I am really enjoying the process of writing. Evolving from a novella to a novel, has really opened up the story and I feel like i know my characters and the world much better. I am currently polishing the latest draft then I will be sending it off to my betas. I hope to be querying by mid to late summer.

working on my manuscript

I have finished with my first round of edits post beta readers and have submitted my book to an editor for line edits. This has been such an exciting and nerve racking process. I know that many writers don’t think manuscripts need to be edited professionally before querying an agent but I am new to the writing world and I want to have my manuscript in the best shape possible for submission. while I’m waiting to get my edits back I am currently working on the sequel. I have developed the habit of writing on a daily basis and I worry that if wait for my manuscript to be finished then I will fall out of the routine. Diligence and routine are my friends.