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Fade into color out of the dark a solo art show of Luz Clayton

Solo art show of artist Luz Clayton curated by Jennifer Cooksey.

This Solo exhibition explores in-depth the struggles of artist Luz Clayton with anxiety and depression which is translated and expressed through her digital and mixed media works of art.Follow Luz on her journey of self discovery and realization that for her, true healing and wellness did not come in the form of prescription medication but her wellbeing was found in the vibrant and vivid colors of her art. Art served as a means for Luz to process and confront the daily struggles brought on by her depression. Creativity and inspiration healed Luz and continues to provide an outlet for her darker thoughts and emotions. When she cries Luz’s tears are no longer clear streams, reflecting only her inner darkness, now her tears fall in a rainbow of color, expressing the rejuvenating effects of art on her life. Although Luz has suffered crippling emotional trauma and loss, her work is not somber or dark but rather is a brightly colored exploration into hope and wellness. Luz has harnessed her creativity and desire to share her story into this solo exhibition and now seeks to share her art with the community to inspire and to give hope to those that suffer from anxiety and depression